Table of character equivalents in The Dead and The Ugly

Each character in "The Dead" has a corresponding character in The Ugly. We have mapped them out here for your reference. Both the Sisters Morkan have been "bifurcated" into two characters each and Mr. Browne has actually become three! But not to worry - you'll get it. If you like puzzles you can try to identify two famous authors (Joyce contemporaries) amongst the bifurcated.

Lily – keeps house for the Morkan sisters

Lyle – Pete’s best man and friend from childhood

Gabriel Conroy – Nephew to the Morkan sisters

Gabriella – daughter to Giles second wife, Tory (deceased)

Gretta Conroy – Gabriel’s wife

Garett – Gabriella’s husband

Aunt Kate — the oldest and most feeble Morkan sister

Giles Karmon– Pete’s biological father, wealthy Aspen, Colorado resident

Tish – Giles’ current spouse

Aunt Julia – a few years younger than her sister

Elisabeth – Pete’s biological mother

Mary Jane – niece to the Morkan sisters

Jan Mayer – wedding coordinator and Karmon relative

Freddy Malins – a man with a thirst

Carmen – Giles Karmon’s third wife

Mr. Browne – a Dapper Dan, past his prime who doesn’t mind a drink now and then, himself.

Jack Diamond – Jackie’s Dad, a born-again Christian and teetotaler

Jill Diamond – Jackie’s Mother, mentally ill

Nurse Wilson – takes care of Jill (and Jack)

Mrs. Fredy Malins – Freddy’s Mamma.

Ponzy – Carmen’s current spouse

Miss Molly Ivers – Irish xenophobe

Ivor Molly – New Age enthusiast

Bartell D'Arcy – tenor and snob

“Burger Bob” Bartell — restaurant chain owner

Miss O’Calaghan – a single at the party

Wendy – single woman at the wedding

Michael Furey – Gretta’s memory

The Scots girl – Garett’s memory

The bride and groom in The Ugly, Jackie Diamond and Pete Karmon, as well as their wedding officiant Reverend Healy, do not correspond to any human characters in The Dead. The weding ceremony in The Ugly is the equivelnt to the carving of the turkey in The Dead so one can see Jackie, Peter and Reverend Healy, figuratively speaking, as the turkey and trimmings of the Christmas dinner served at the Morkans.